Artireef Project

The Christopher Hotel is proud to support the ARTIREEF project to restore the reef of Pointe Milou, thanks to the Biorock Process.


It is a project that installs metallic structures, a few dozen meters from the shore, on which “cuttings” of corals are fixed.

An electric current, powered by the hotel, passes through the structure, allowing the improvement of the growth and the survival of the coral, by precipitating limestone, which is needed for the health of the reefs. The growth rate is 3 to 5 times superior to growth measured in natural conditions. Moreover, they are also more resistant to damage caused by water quality and global warming. The survival rate is 16 to 50 times above the average.



Although quite damaged at the time being, the site of Pointe Milou has a very big potential: 38 species of corals were listed, among which certain colonies are of an important size. The Biorock process is undoubtedly going to restore life in these damaged coral reefs. More coral mean more biodiversity, more species of fishes, and a slower erosion of beaches.*


The first metallic structures were arranged on the sand and the reef on February 12, 2016 a few dozen meters offshore from the Christopher Hotel. These have various forms with passages on both sides to increase the number of housing environment. The lower part of each structure is filled with empty conch shells. Piled up against each other approximately 60 cm high, they are going to establish a heavy base, which will maintain the structures in place in case of strong sea swells.


Since the time of installation, results are already visible thanks to the housing environment provided by the conch, and due to the fact that the area is classified as protected (ban on fishing). The number of fish has quickly increased and numerous species will return as well, as the affixed fauna will develop thanks to the electric current.

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