In order to preserve the quality of our environment and limit our impact due to various activities, we have decided  to embark on a path toward tourism that respects nature, mankind, and the island where we live. We’re really proud to have received in 2021 the Green Globe Environmental Certification.

This international award recognizes our constant commitment to the environment, local community and well-being of our employees. We will continue our efforts to make green choices for a better future, with the following seven  objectives:

Reduce our use of water and energy

Decrease pollution

Make eco-responsible purchases

Preserve local biodiversity

Reinforce safety and wellbeing in the workplace

Contribute to local development

Offer an excellent quality of service

Reduce our use of water and energy

Our entire property is working toward decreasing our use of water and energy by 2%.

Decrease pollution.

We hope to decrease by 2% our production of trash and greenhouse gases related to our professional travel. Our goal is also to stock 100% of our chemical products in a secure manner.

Make eco-responsible purchases

Eventually, the goal is to have at least 40% of our cleaning products be environmentally friendly, and use 75% of eco-labeled paper. We are also committed to increasing the percentage of our food products that come from eco-responsible sources.

Preserve local biodiversity.

We contribute continually to the development of the Biorock project, which strives to protect the coral reef in Lorient bay. We also want to preserve the biodiversity of local flora by planting species that are endemic to the Lesser Antilles and fight against invasive exotic species.

Reinforce safety and wellbeing in the workplace

We are committed to improving safety, as well as physical and moral wellbeing in the workplace.

Contribute to local development.

We intend to inform all of our vendors about Hotel Christopher’s sustainable development policy, to maintain or augment the use of local providers and services, and to provide a constant level of support to the social initiatives on the island of Saint Barthélemy.

Offer an excellent quality of service.

Our prime objective is permanent research to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We do everything we can to maintain the excellence of our service so that every moment spent at the hotel is unforgettable…

All of our partners are aware of the best practices for sustainability in their own professions, and can be driving forces for actions and activities that best respond to our objectives as we aim toward environmental, social, cultural, and durable excellence.

We require our partners to exhibit a deep respect for the population, culture, sites, and heritage of Saint Barthélemy, including the flora, fauna, and ecosystems. These factors are an essential part of the island’s quality of life and thus the quality of its tourism.

Our mission as hosts in an environment like ours motivates us every day to act in a responsible way toward nature, local culture, and the respect or our clients and our partners, with curiosity, creativity, and ongoing open mindedness.